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Global reach is integral to providing customers with a full service logistics and transportation solution. In establishing NEOSTAR International Moving, we have utilized all of our experience and contacts to bring a group of like minded companies together to create this network.

NEOSTAR International Moving is a caring company, established on service principles. We are not part of a multi-national corporation insisting that the customer fits their needs around the networks capabilities. We are free to select our partners based on circumstance and customer requirement. This allows NEOSTAR to choose from the wide range of independent carriers and freight forwarders around the globe.

We are aware of the limitations of the major players in the market: where one is good in one market or territory, they may not perform in other territories or vice versa.

NEOSTAR International Moving Inc. works with specialists in all locations. We partner with companies that have similar goals to our own, companies where, through our experience in the global network, we know the stakeholders. We bank our reputation on these companies as they do with NEOSTAR. Companies that we know will deliver the personal service that our clients expect and count on. We do what it takes to make it easy to do business with NEOSTAR International Moving Inc.

Whether you are exporting or importing to or from Canada, Europe, the Pacific Rim, US and beyond, you can benefit from our dedicated partner base. We listen to our partners. We seek out new services and partners as the industry evolves, to insure that we are current to accommodate the needs of you the client and your customers. Supplying uncompromised standard of service.

Wherever life takes you, NEOSTAR will get you there!

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